The Seaweed Range Review

Here’s my first blog post of the year, all about my experience so far with The Body Shop’s Seaweed range.

The Seaweed range is for combination skin and I’m no skincare expert, but so far I’ve found this to really help to control the dryness I get.

Last year I finished my treatment of Roaccutane. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a really hardcore drug for acne. It was amazing and helped my skin, but it seems since then I got lazy with my skincare routine. I never bothered to invest in good products and this was partly because my skin was so great, but also because I just wasn’t in the habit of it.

Come November last year, I noticed I was having more breakouts and my skin hurt. It hadn’t been that bad in quite a while and although it may also have been due to my bad diet and stress, I knew I needed to do something about it.

I spoke to my friend Maria, who is a real ‘skincare junkie’ (her words, not mine), and she helped me to understand what products I should buy.

So here’s what I’ve found so far, just over a month into using the Seaweed range…

Seaweed Cleansing Gel-Wash, £7.50
The face wash lathers up well, so you don’t need much of it to wash your face. I think I’m only about a quarter of the way through the bottle so it’s going to last me a lot longer. I’ve found that it’s made my skin feel refreshed and its light scent makes it smell refreshed too! The more I have used it (combined with the other products), the less I have noticed my skin to feel dry after using a face wash, which is great. That ‘tightness’ I used to get has gone!

Seaweed Oil-Balancing Toner, £7.50
When I first started using this, I noticed it made my skin tingle and that concerned me slightly. It still does sometimes now if my skin is feeling particularly sensitive but overall it clears away any excess dirt from my face. It perhaps doesn’t feel as nice as the face wash but overall it’s helped to clear my skin up. I’ve noticed that my blackheads are slowly going away, so it must be doing the trick!

Seaweed Oil-Control Gel Cream, £13
This moisturiser is honestly wonderful. It’s so light and feels so soothing on my skin. Again, it has a light scent and isn’t too heavy, so it leaves my face feeling soft. My skin is significantly less dry and I only get the odd dry patch around my nose every now and then. My face only tends to get greasy over my forehead and a little on my nose now, which is an improvement because I used to often feel like my whole face was shiny. It’s definitely worked to control the oil in my skin.

Seaweed Oil-Balancing Clay Mask, £11
After getting the starter products for the range, I decided to invest in the clay mask too. However, this was not right for my skin. The whole time that I had this on, my skin felt like it was burning and was left a little red afterwards. I found this disappointing because I thought it might help with my clogged up pores but unfortunately this one wasn’t right for me. It could be because my skin can be quite sensitive, but I won’t be using this clay mask all over my face again.

Generally, I think my skin is a lot better and my cheeks have pretty much cleared from spots. I tend to get quite a few spots on my forehead but I think my fringe plays a huge part in this. Although I wash my hair regularly and do try to keep touching down to a minimum, I haven’t seemed to be able to get rid of these just yet.

Overall, the Seaweed range has helped my skin to become clearer, but only time will tell whether this is 100% right for my skin as I plan to use it for a few more months.


2 thoughts on “The Seaweed Range Review

    • Hey!
      I finished roaccutane about a year ago now and I tend to have breakouts a week before my period. I also generally have small spots and am prone to cystic spots near my mouth 😦

      Not noticeable to most I bet but it is to me!


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