5 Ways To Stay Organised

When you have so much to do, sometimes it can be difficult to stay motivated and to keep organised. I am naturally a very organised and tidy person but there are still days when I let my room get a little messy because I’ve been too tired (or admittedly sometimes too lazy) to do anything about it. The same goes for homework or reading that I don’t particularly want to do.

However, there are ways which I deal with this to make sure everything is done on time.

Don’t just stick to one task
If you’re someone who finds it difficult to do one long task all at once, break it down so that it doesn’t become tedious. Flit between one task and another so that you add some variation to your studying. For example, if you’ve got two lots of reading to do on different subjects, try reading a chapter of one and then a chapter of the other. I find that this helps me to focus more and it doesn’t just become words on a page.

Do the boring stuff first
Most people will agree that there are some tasks you’re given which you really love, and others you loathe. On my course I’d much rather continue reading a novel rather than going through the history of poetry. However, if you do the one you don’t like first, it can motivate you to get it done so that you can do the task you properly enjoy. It’s a bonus really because it just means you’ve got more work done and you feel like you’ve made an achievement for being productive.

Keep a list
The other night I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about all the things I need to do – reading, writing, posting, shopping… I couldn’t go to sleep until I had written these things down because I knew I’d forget something important. When you remember there’s something you need to do, make sure you write it on a list because it helps to relax your brain and makes sure you don’t forget. It’s also a great feeling when you can tick it off the list.

Keep your calendar up to date
Whether you’ve been asked to do something for the next week or you’ve got a big deadline coming up, make sure you keep it all in your calendar so you can plan accordingly. I like to keep my timetable for university both in my phone calendar and my paper one. This is because they are both visually different. That might sound weird to some people – but when I have to see how much time I have, the calendar on my phone will show me, whereas my academic diary does not. The diary is great for keeping track of timings of meetings, deadlines and anything that means I’m going somewhere.

Ask for help
If you’re feeling a little lost, there’s most likely someone that feels exactly the same as you. On my Creative Writing course it can be difficult to come up with ideas for a piece of work on my own and it’s great when I can talk to other people about it. Everyone can help everyone and the ideas come naturally rather than when you’re staring at a blank Word document. Working with other people is so much more motivating than being on your own and they can help you organise your thoughts so they’re solid.


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