First Week Thoughts

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It’s that time of year again when the laziness inside you needs to die and the motivation needs to wake up. That’s right, it was my first week back at university. I’m not a lazy person at all but this week did not go how I hoped it would. I guess plans never do.

I had it all set out in my head, I was going to start going to gym classes again and be really optimistic about university. However, Monday morning when I woke up nice and early to go to the gym, my throat was sore, dry and scratchy. Perfect excuse for lots of people, I know. Unfortunately for me that meant I was set back. It may not seem like a huge deal but to me it felt like I was at a halt – I had no choice.

That’s just the way life is but next week is always an option. Here’s hoping that goes well!

Anyway – here’s 5 things I learnt after my first week back at university:

  1. Third year is going to be exciting
    Some of you may read this and question why on earth I am not saying that it will be scary, daunting and hard work. It will in fact be all of those things combined, but also exciting. I get to really study the things I love about writing and language and I want to push myself to write things that I haven’t before. It’s going to be fun and, of course, stressful.
  2. The real world is getting closer
    It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that I was a first year student, looking ahead to the three years that are to come. Now here I am, in my third year, realising that it’s not long until I am pushed out into the reality of work. Where will I work? What do I want to do? How am I going to get there? Where will I live? So many questions floating around inside my head. Only seven months to go. In seven months’ time I will not be a student. Woah.
  3. Make the most of it
    I’ve always been more of an introvert but I am realising that over the past two years I have not involved myself in everything that I could have. Why didn’t I join societies? Why didn’t I make more of an effort? This is my last chance to do everything I want to do as a student and take up the opportunities that I didn’t before. Get stuck in. Have fun. Work hard.
  4. It’s up to you
    In first year, lecturers would be onto you if you didn’t do a piece of work or if you didn’t meet your deadline (though I was never that student). In my first week back, I have heard nearly all my lecturers say that they will not chase us. They will not care if we haven’t done the work because ultimately, we are not their responsibility. However, they do stress that the people who get the high marks are the people who put the extra work in and turn up every week. Basically, if you’re a slacker – it’s okay but you’ll have to deal with the consequences of not getting good grades.
  5. They call it independence for a reason
    When lecturers say that you have to be independent, you really do have to be independent. I have met some people who have lots of hours in university each week, and some who are like me with very few. So in my case it’ll be a lot of self-motivation, completing work without procrastination. I will find that both easy and difficult but I definitely feel like my timetable does not give me the most out of my degree. Then again, I guess that’s third year. Right…?

That’s a summary of what I learned from this past week. It’s going to be a challenging year but I can’t wait to get back into a routine again after having five months off.


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