Thumbs Down for Domino’s

It’s that time of the week again. You know, pizza time. Domino’s deals are ever so tempting. Their pizzas are never bad, right? Wrong!

A couple of weeks ago I had a bad Domino’s experience. I never thought that would happen seeing as it’s always top notch and my favourite place to get a juicy pizza. However, my friend was over and we were watching our favourite movies so we thought we’d treat ourselves to pizza and cookies.

It was a half and half pizza. I had one slice and could taste something weird. It tasted soapy, like the way detergent smells. That’s the best way I can describe it. I thought there was something wrong with me at first so I continued to eat another slice. At this point I said something to my friend – she tasted it and smelt it, and it’s safe to say that the result was not great.

Whoever thought that a Domino’s pizza would taste of cleaning products? Something was seriously wrong. The weird thing was though, that it was only my half. So we rang the store and asked for a refund and were told that they would give the refund and also deliver a new pizza. They also took the old pizza away for ‘testing’. I wonder if they actually did test it.

I was told that the refund would be in my bank account within 4 to 5 working days. So, 6 days had gone by and I realised that I hadn’t actually received the £20 that I was owed. I called the store and the guy seemed to know who I was and what I was talking about and he told me he would look into it and then call me back.

Did he call me back? Of course he didn’t! The day after I rang again and spoke to the same guy, who apologised and told me he would process the refund again and credit my Domino’s account with a free large pizza. He said I would receive a confirmation email of this at 8pm.

Did I receive an email? Of course I didn’t! The other loophole was that I didn’t have an account until 2 hours later when I decided to make one.

I guess now it’s just a waiting game – will I get my refund? Who knows. But my opinion has changed. Frankly, this is just poor customer service and although it’s not a huge deal, you shouldn’t tell someone they will receive a refund if it’s not going to go through. In fact! The pizza shouldn’t have tasted like cleaning products to begin with.

It’s not as if I’ll never order there again, because I have since with my new housemates and it was as good as ever, but it’s starting to feel like some sort of ongoing joke.


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