Battle With Fitness

We all have those times in our life when we feel like things aren’t going the right way and the temptation to comfort eat cannot be resisted. Or maybe eating is something you love to share with someone else. I know I have experienced both of these over the summer and in the last couple of weeks.

When I was 16 and had just finished school, I started to go swimming and to the gym a couple of times a week. It wasn’t anything major. I wasn’t doing it with the intention of losing weight, because if I’m honest with you, I wasn’t interested in how my body looked.

However, a couple of months in I noticed that I’d lost weight and that felt good. I liked the fact that I had made that happen without any intention and without any force. I enjoyed swimming and the gym. The only downside was I’d actually started eating less and that probably had something to do with the weight loss too.

4 years on from that and I have had my own battles with fitness ever since. When I was at college it wasn’t so bad, I kept going to the gym and even went sometimes at 6 o’clock in the morning. Crazy, right? I wish I could still do that now.

I guess I started to lose my motivation when I got into a relationship. I’m still in that same relationship now so I don’t regret anything but I got very comfortable and enjoyed eating lots and watching TV series with him.

It wasn’t so bad because my weight always fluctuated and I could get back into the gym and still enjoy it. Now I’m a 20-year-old going into my third year at university, and I’ve come to a halt. My boyfriend and I had these plans for the summer – we were going to get fit together by going to the gym and playing Badminton. We had done it the year before so why not this year?

The problem started when we couldn’t find anywhere to play Badminton in the area and there wasn’t anywhere cheap for us to go to the gym. We tried running but that didn’t last long…

So here I am now on my own, he’s gone back up North to work and I have to find the motivation to become healthy again. I’ve put on half a stone since the beginning of summer. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way fat but I’m not happy anymore. My skin and my hair feels greasy, I can’t get to sleep very easily and I’m not as happy as I am when I feel like I’m proactive.

The main thing is finding something that does motivate me. I need to get back into it again. Last year I met my friend Chloe at the gym and I would go with her sometimes but now she’s graduated and gone too!

So perhaps it’s time for a change and time to start something new. I’ve never been one for fitness classes (in case I embarrass myself!) but I think that might be a good place to start.





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