Old Letters, Old Friends

Yesterday I decided to go back through all the old letters that I kept. Letters from various people from at least 5 years ago now, and it made me feel incredibly nostalgic and realise that I miss those who I don’t talk to anymore.

The past is the past, and everyone has their own lives now. Here I am sitting in bed on my laptop, writing about the days when I only had to worry about replying to a letter or making sure I was on MSN when everyone else was.

So, here’s a few things I learnt from reading back through letters from old friends. 

Most of them were from internet friends
I don’t know about you, but when I was younger I spoke to a lot of people from the internet. In fact, I still have most of them on Facebook now, even though I don’t particularly talk to them anymore. I guess we wrote because we were far away and it was fun (probably more my idea!). I used to come home from school and log onto my computer and talk to all my internet friends. I have met quite a few of them and those memories will stay with me always.

People apologise for their handwriting
As I was reading through all the letters, I noticed that a high percentage of them had an apology in them about the handwriting. I guess when you’re writing a letter, you want it to look presentable. However, I also noticed that if I had quite a few letters from the same person, the handwriting also changed. Interesting how I could still recognise who the letter was from before I even opened the envelope, and after all this time!

There’s a lot of talk about the future
I was really good friends with some of these people, despite the distance. In many of the letters, there was talk of moving and comparing letters later on. One of them even referred to our ‘early adulthood years’, which is around now – I suppose? Things always turn out differently and to be honest, I don’t have friendships with these people anymore. I wish I did. Life would have turned out interestingly if I still had those same friends and could still compare letters with them to this day. Then again, I am a letter hoarder so I might be the only one with the physical memories.

What’s with the colloquialisms?
Apparently it was normal 6 years ago to spell things wrong to seem cool. Dude was spelt like ‘dewd’ and babes was spelt with a Z on the end. Weird. I do remember that, though. I even remember that before I met my boyfriend (yes I knew him that long ago, too), I didn’t use capital letters and I was very extensive with my e’s. I also spelt my name like Alis. I’m not totally sure what I was thinking at the time but perhaps I should have been tested. I think I’m the same person I was then but with better grammar.

That’s only some of the things I noticed. It was great to read back to the times when I felt like I had friends forever. I even found all the letters I have ever received from my Swedish pen-pal, who I first started writing to back when I was 9 years old. Crazy!


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