Face Off? Case Off!

IMG_1704.JPGOver the years I have had my fair share of phone cases. Some I have liked, some I haven’t. Since owning an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, I have had 4 different cases which all had their pros and cons. So here I am to tell you how I ended up with the one I have now and why.

Apple iPhone 6/6S Silicone Case – Blue
I chose this case because of the colour. I absolutely love any bright shade of blue/turquoise so it was a must-have for me. The best thing about the case is how much protection it gives – meaning if I were to drop it, the phone would be perfectly fine. I did happen to drop it on the ground a few days after buying the case and although the phone was okay, the case was not. At the place of impact, a chunk of the silicone had broken off (no surprise, I suppose) which meant bye-bye new phone case and hello battered one. The material of this case was great for protecting my phone, which is obviously what we all want from a phone case, just keep in mind that it will scuff quite easily if dropped.

Silicone Case.jpg
I did have a couple of other problems with this phone case, but they’re not necessarily linked to the case itself, just my own personal preferences. At night time I wear my hair down, so I found that whenever I spoke on the phone in the evenings my hair could catch against the material and pull at my hair. Doesn’t sound like much, but we know what it feels like to have strands pulled at. I also found that the case doesn’t have a lot of grip, hence why I dropped it in the first place. It gripped to my hair, just not to my hands and would easily slide free. Apart from these things, the case was my favourite for colour and ultimately was great protection for my iPhone.

Colour Changed
You can buy this case here.

Apple iPhone 6/6S Leather Case – Midnight Blue
I was given this case as a birthday present and I loved it because it matched one of my Apple Watch straps. The leather felt so smooth and was great to hold. Call me weird, but I couldn’t resist giving it a whiff because I love the smell of leather. This case was great because I could grip it better, it didn’t catch my hair and it was high quality.

Mightnight Blue Case.jpgHowever, it did have a similar problem to the silicone case in that it scuffed even easier. I don’t just mean if you drop it because the case got marks on even from a slight scratch of your nail. The good thing I suppose was that firstly, when buffing over the marks they were not as visible, and secondly leather products are often made to look like they have been used anyway. The leather case did not have as much bounce as the silicone one, so the impact it had when I dropped my phone was bigger and ultimately more noticeable.

You can buy this case here.

Spigen iPhone 6/6S Neo Hybrid EX Case – Rose Gold
This one is a fairly recent edition to my collection. I originally had an iPhone 6 but changed to a rose gold iPhone 6s so I wanted a case that wouldn’t cover up the beautiful pinkish hue. This case was great because the material was flexible yet very sturdy and had a plastic frame around it which gave it that extra protection. Not only that but the frame was also rose gold which meant it matched the colour of my phone instead of completely blocking it out. The case also had easy-press buttons, not the ones where you have to really press down to make it work.

Spigen Case.jpgI would have continued to use this case for longer but there were two reasons why I changed to a different one. The first and main reason is because I have a lightning dock for my phone, and this case stopped me from using it. You may be wondering why I couldn’t be bothered to just take the case off every time I wanted to charge my phone in the dock, right? Well, because the case has two sections to it, it can be quite fiddly to take on and off. I couldn’t use my dock with the case on because it was too thick at the bottom, meaning the lighting port couldn’t quite reach the connector on the dock. The second reason was because the case made my phone look chunkier and feel heavier than it actually is. Otherwise, I loved this case because it protected my phone to a maximum level, felt nice and was stylish.

You can buy this case here.

Xqisit iPhone 6/6s Flex Case – Clear
This is my current case which I got a few weeks ago. It’s really thin which means my phone can still charge on my dock while I’m wearing it and its transparency means my rose gold coloured phone is still visually attractive. Due to how thin the case is, my phone feels relatively light and doesn’t look chunky anymore. It’s also very flexible (as you probably guessed by the name) so I’m guessing it’s pretty good at protecting the phone. I haven’t dropped it as of yet, well, not on solid ground anyway…

Current Case.jpgThe only downside I have noticed so far is that dirt gets on the inside of the case quite easily and, as it’s transparent, it’s noticeable. Other than that I’m happy so far!

You can buy this case here.

As the years go on I’m sure I’ll get different cases and hopefully they’ll be a good bunch. For now, let’s see how long my current case stays with me for!




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