5 Reasons Why I Love My Apple Watch

Strap Collage.png
When people learn that I have an Apple Watch, their first comment is usually about the price. Of course, Apple Watches are expensive but if you make use of them, they’re well worth the money.

I have had mine since July 2015 and can honestly say that it has changed my whole perception of technology. I own a 38mm Apple Watch Sport and use it pretty much every day without fail. Unless I have a lazy day, in which case I’d rather not be reminded that I haven’t actually ventured outside and burnt calories.

So, here are my top 5 reasons why an Apple Watch is the way to go:

If you’re a particularly sporty person, an Apple Watch can track all of your activity including calories, minutes of exercise and stand. Or, if you’re like me and at least try to be sporty, the Watch is a great way to work towards your own personal goal. There are even badges that you can earn, for example, if you double your move goal. The watch is somewhat motivational, giving you updates during the day to tell you how well you’re doing (or sometimes not so well) and to push you just that little bit further.
Don’t get me wrong, the activity factor of the Watch isn’t only for people who are sporty, if you simply do a lot of walking or like to know you’ve met a goal – they keep track.

As long as your Apple Watch is in reach of your iPhone, you will get all of your notifications pushed through to your watch so you know who has text you or sent you an email. This makes it so much easier to know what’s urgent and what’s not. Besides the urgency, we’ve all had those times when we haven’t heard our phone or felt it vibrate in our pocket, but having the vibration on your wrist is something different.

Moving on from getting notifications, there are many ways in which you can also communicate with people on the Watch. This has been advanced in watch OS 3, which is currently in beta. The newest feature being allowing you to reply with handwriting on the screen in a new feature called Scribble – that’s if you don’t have sausage fingers or if you’re left handed and wear the watch on your left wrist. The beta moved digital touch from being its own feature to being baked into messages allowing non-watch owners to share digital touches from iPhones. The coolest thing about communication on the Apple Watch is that you can also answer and make calls to people, and others around you think you’re a secret agent.

Wear it, Customise it
One of my favourite things about the Apple Watch is how you can change the strap that you wear. Obviously these are at an extra cost, but when you get a new strap it almost feels like you’re wearing a new watch. Different watch straps are great for different occasions. I usually wear my sport bands (except for white) when I am exercising, or if I am wearing a certain colour and they match. However, the most recent addition to my collection is the silver Milanese loop strap, which isn’t good for sport but is great for every day wear and for any special occasions.
Different Bands

Watch Faces
Watch Face.jpg
Ever get bored of looking at the same watch face day in, day out? Well, with an Apple Watch you can choose! On one face you are able to see the time (duh!), date, weather, activity and more. Or, if you’re a fan of Disney, you can choose between Mickey or Minnie Mouse, who tells you the time if you tap on them. This along with the different watch straps makes the Apple Watch unlike anything else, it’s personal to you and means you have so much more choice all packed into one price.



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