Holiday in Paradise


This year I went on holiday to Paphos in Cyprus and it has got to be my favourite place to have visited yet. What made it so special was everyone at The King Jason hotel, who made sure that our stay was as good as it could be with their passion for appreciation.

You know when you go on holiday and people working at the hotel pester you to join in with certain things? Well, this place didn’t have that. It was pure relaxation. If you’re after a party holiday where you end up lying on the bathroom floor all night, this isn’t it.

Originally, me and my boyfriend were going to visit Egypt, but with all the commotion that’s going on we decided to switch our holiday to a safer option. I’m going to be brutally honest with you here – one of the reasons I wanted to go to the The King Jason was for its library area. Not that I borrowed any of the books in there (because I brought quite a few of my own!) but it was a great quiet area to sit, read, have a drink or play a game of cards in the evenings.


One of the main things that surprised me was how English it is there. The majority of guests were from the UK and there was no problem with staff not understanding anything that I said or asked for. Perhaps that’s just me, but I always get nervous when I’m in another country when I have to ask for something because I worry about whether I will be misunderstood.

We spent most of our time lounging by the adults only pool reading, drinking cherry slushies and waiting for the next meal time to arrive. No problems there though – the time still went quickly even if we weren’t doing anything productive at all!

Did someone say food? This is my favourite part. First of all – I must commend the hotel on their exceptional Creme Brûlée. This has to be one of my favourite desserts and I was so happy to be able to eat it every day. Each time it was as good as the one before, except for the last one we had. The day we were leaving, 20 minutes before in fact, we went to have our usual dessert but found that the eggs had scrambled so it was like eating sweet scrambled egg.


Despite that, there was always a good selection of food. Some new to me and some familiar. I couldn’t resist having chips every lunch time even though I have them at home. Each night there was a different theme whether that be Cyprus tradition, gourmet, Italian… you get the point. Some had strong tastes, some quite mild. Either way, I enjoyed the majority of what I ate and pretty much always had a clean plate.


It doesn’t stop here – when we ventured out to find a shop, we found a whole shopping centre and decided to stop for some lunch at TGI Fridays. I’ve been to one in the UK, but in Cyprus the service was something special. Our waiter, Tony, had a continuous smile on his face and served our food with a side of cheesy grins. What surprised us was his attention to detail, he noticed as soon as we had finished our drinks and brought us a refill – without us having to ask! Magic. 😉

The dessert was delicious – can you tell I like desserts? Oreos stuffed with ice cream and caramel all around. I imagine I have come back with a few extra pounds around my tummy. I keep telling myself I need to exercise, but every time I try I crave sweeties…


For anyone who is interested in the room we stayed in, it was light and comfortable, with a kitchenette, HUGE bath (I’m not exaggerating) and small balcony. On day one we got a beach bag to keep and on departure a jar of jam.

If it wasn’t for our desire to visit different countries so we can scratch them off on our imaginary map, we’d definitely want to go back to this hotel. Perhaps we will, one day. There were guests there that have been visiting every year for such a long time and you can tell who they are because the owners treat them as family.

It’s a small hotel, but it’s definitely one of the best.


P.s. The Cheetos in Cyprus are the best.


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