When reading the well-known novel ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ by John Green, I was not disappointed. I read this gripping story within a matter of three days when usually, I like to stay reading the same book for about a week. Every chance I got, I would stick my nose into the crisp, brown pages and let my mind be mesmerized by this work of art.

Do you ever find a book like that? One where it takes such willpower to stop reading and get on with daily tasks? Well, that’s how I felt about John Green’s masterpiece.

‘The Fault In Our Stars’ was probably as intriguing as it was because the characters seemed real, they seemed alive; it follows the protagonist, Hazel Grace Lancaster, on her journey battling dysfunctional lungs throughout her life. It lets the reader into her thoughts whilst spending time with people not too dissimilar to herself, those who are coping with cancer.

This is not all. The ending of the book puzzled me at first, I couldn’t believe it finished in the complete opposition to what I had expected. I’m not going to lie, it did bring a tear to my eye and it was as if Hazel’s pain was now my pain. I could feel her torment, her heartbreak and her loneliness.

Of course, I was disappointed when the story ended. I didn’t want to have to stop reading, to have to find another book that gripped me as much as this one. That is why when the new film was released I was so glad that I could relive this experience all over again.
However, as good as the film was, I felt that the producers had left out important scenes. There I sat at the end of the movie, gripping onto a comforting pillow whilst my eyes blurred… I was not happy that I did not get to feel more emotion.

I felt angry that I did not get to see the connection between Hazel and Augustus when he had his last few days. I felt repulsed that I did not get to see Hazel scattering around looking everywhere she could to find what ‘Gus had written for her before his death. Instead, it simply ended with Hazel finding it in her car rather than going to search for it.

It’s ironic really, that I was looking to watch more suffering and pain of these two young teenagers that were so preciously in love. Though I’m sure that many people will feel how I feel, nobody wants to feel pain but somehow, feeling the sadness of a character is something else. It is magical; it helps you understand what life would be like in another world to your own.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The film pictured every moment and every character perfectly. It was like poetry to my eyes. I only wish that the film had been slightly longer to involve those essential elements of realism at the end. The film was more than many probably expected but if you’ve read the book before watching the film, you’ll know that it is both enlightening and heart wrenching all at once.

It’s so powerfully grounding and makes you realise that on this earth, there are a lot of people living their lives with issues far worse than your own.

John Green, you’re a saint.


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